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Business Insurance for a Mechanic*

Mechanics need business insurance, including public liability insurance, as mechanics work with cars and members of the public , that increase the probability of an accident in the workshop.

Public liability insurance may protect mechanic workshop owners against damages from claims of customer injury.

Mechanic workshop owners also face risks in relation to the commercial premises they operate from, theft of their equipment and customer vehicles , and equipment breakdown.

Fortunately, suitable business insurance for mechanics may provide protection against financial hardships that could arise from accidents, property damage, or legal claims caused by your mechanic workshop business activities.

Mechanics’ business insurance, including product and public liability insurance, may cover property damage, injuries to third parties that are caused by your mechanic workshop business activities.

By ‘packaging’ their business insurance into a ‘business pack’ mechanics can potentially cover many of the risks their business faces in the one policy.

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What Insurance Do I Need as a Mechanic?*

Some of the major types of business insurance covers available to mechanics in Australia are explained below and include:

  • Business Insurance Pack
  • Public Liability Insurance – mechanical workshops can be dangerous ; this cover can protect you from damages arising from to any harm incurred by customers and suppliers visiting your workshop
  • Commercial property insurance– cover the loss or damage to buildings, and property
  • Business Equipment– mechanical equipment can be expensive ; insurance can protect you from theft and damage
  • Stock – cover for your stock of parts and lubricants
  • Commercial vehicle insurance – if you use vehicles for commercial purposes
  • Racking, fixture and fittings that you have installed or may be responsible for per your lease agreement
  • Business Interruption– if you can’t trade may cover the loss of sales, less the expenses not incurred, plus the increased cost of working.
  • Fire and Perils – if your premises burns down or suffers a fire
  • General Property– can cover damage or loss of portable business equipment such as laptop computers, mobiles and tools.
  • Equipment Breakdown-cover if your equipment breaks down
  • Motor Trade Insurance including Customer vehicles– an important cover for mechanics for vehicles left overnight
  • Driving risk extension– another important cover for mechanics when driving client vehicles
  • Vehicles under the insured’s physical/legal control – recommended optional extension under public liability cover
  • Faulty Workmanship – to cover costs associated with correcting your work
  • Professional Services – to cover civil liability in connection with vehicle inspections or roadworthy certificates
  • Personal Accident Insurance -to protect your weekly wage if you can’t work for an extended period.
  • Cyber insurance – against claims for customer data and privacy breaches

When you are looking for suitable public liability and business insurance for your mechanical business activities you may want to consider if your workshop or mobile van is adequately insured so that your business is able to resume from where it left off before the incident.

That means being able to rebuild and replace the buildings and contents or mobile service van at today’s prices quickly.

With mechanical workshops, recent OH&S legislation requires that new plant fixtures and equipment need to be taken into account.

Whether you conduct your mechanic work activities from a workshop located in a factory , or warehouse or you are a mobile mechanic we may be able to assist with your public liability and business insurance.

Business insurance pack for mechanics*

Mechanics may be able to combine multiple covers in a single business insurance pack policy.

By ‘packaging’ their business insurance into a ‘business pack’ mechanics can potentially cover many of the risks their business faces in the one policy.

For example, if a mechanic has a commercial premises, a business insurance pack may provide cover for buildings and contents if they are accidentally damaged by a defined event, such as fire, storm, impact damage, accidental damage, vandalism, or malicious damage.

Other typical inclusions for mechanics with a business insurance pack are Motor Trade Insurance , Driving Risk Extension, Public Liability Insurance and Product Liability Insurance.

Optional inclusions for mechanics with a business insurance pack are General Property, Contents, Machinery Breakdown, Plant and Stock, Theft, Glass, Money, Business Interruption and Marine Cover.

Coverage under a business insurance pack for mechanics varies depending on the cover options mechanics select.

Multiple mechanic workshop locations may be able to be covered on the one business insurance pack policy.

Personal Accident Insurance for self-employed mechanics*

As a self-employed mechanic your personal safety is your livelihood.

Personal accident insurance for mechanics may provide cover for 52 or 104 weeks and up to 85%* of weekly income at the time of the injury; depending on the amount of coverage agreed when the policy is taken out.

Time away from work from an accident will have a direct impact on a self-employed mechanic’s income, and a long period away can negatively affect their savings, family, and lifestyle.

Personal Accident Insurance may help self-employed mechanics pay for essential bills and other financial commitments if they have an accident.

Plant & Equipment Insurance for mechanics *

Plant & Equipment Insurance may provide cover for owners of mechanics that operate equipment such as Lifts , Jacks,  Electronic Testing Equipment , Air compressors, Battery chargers and jumpers, Drills and Hand tools.

Cover may provide mechanics with protection for theft, damage, consequential loss, liability, and machinery breakdown.

Cyber Insurance for mechanics *

Your mechanic workshop credit card processing system is a target for hackers as is your online store if you have one.

If you are hacked and incur a data breach you may incur significant tech bills, be open to be sued by frustrated customers, and may be subject to thousands of dollars in government fines.

Help reduce the impact of damages from data hacking with cyber insurance – and keep your mechanic workshop going.

Why do mechanics need product and public liability insurance?*

Public Liability Insurance coverage is essential for all self-employed mechanics.

Mechanics  need public liability insurance as mechanical work involves working with expensive vehicles that can be damaged, or can cause damage or injury.

People and property on site may be hurt or damaged due to accidents involving your mechanic workshop business activities.

Protections offered to self-employed mechanics by public liability insurance in Australia generally include:

  • Injury to other persons due to your mechanic activities –Where a mechanic business activity causes harm to a third-party person. For example, a client ignores your warnings to stay away from workshop area and injure themselves when they trip and fall on your equipment or a struck by a vehicle that you or a client is moving.
  • Damage to others property due to your mechanic activities – Where a mechanic business activity causes damages to a third- party’s property. For example, a mechanic may accidently cause damage in a client’s vehicle while performing work.
  • Harm to other persons or other persons property due to your mechanic business’s products –Where a mechanic business’s products and goods supplied causes harm to a third party -person or a third- party’s property. For example, products a mechanic has supplied, repaired, or manufactured cause harm, injure someone or cause property damage.

A mechanic’s public liability policy may provide a defence against the ensuing lawsuit when needed and may pay the damages sought by the injured party.

Public Liability Insurance may provide mechanic with protection for slip-and-trip accidents, accidents that damage a client vehicle.

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What are the costs of Mechanic Business Insurance?*

How much does business insurance, including public and products liability insurance, cost for mechanics?*

Key factors in determining how much business insurance, including public and products liability insurance will cost a mechanic include:

  • where your business premises are located
  • the value of the property insured
  • the level of security and fire protection
  • age of premises and equipment
  • the size and turnover of your mechanic workshop
  • number of staff
  • the optional covers selected
  • your claims history
  • the level of cover selected ( for example, $5 million , $10 million or $20 million liability)

Our helpful business insurance brokers may be able to help you find suitable and affordable business insurance for your mechanic workshop on 1300 542 573

What type of mechanics may be covered with business insurance ?*

  • Mechanical Workshops
  • Mechanics Garage
  • Auto mechanics
  • Auto electrician
  • Auto repairer
  • Car detailer
  • Mobile mechanic
  • Tyre retailers and installers
  • Diesel mechanics

Why should mechanics use an insurance broker in Australia?*

If you are a mechanic deciding on whether to use an insurance broker for your business insurance, it is important to consider that brokers act in the interests of the mechanic workshop owner.

Direct insurers and agents act for the insurer. This can be important; especially if you need to claim.

Brokers can help mechanics by sourcing competitive quotes on policy inception, negotiate with the insurance companies to prevent or limit increases on renewal, remarket your policy to other suitable insurance companies where appropriate, talk to underwriters about policy wordings, industry classifications and terms, talk to insurance assessors during the claims process and repairers where necessary.

How do I get a mechanics insurance quote?*

Simply TALK to a SMART Business Insurance broker on 1300 542 573 or contact us online for suitable and affordable business insurance quotes for your mechanic workshop.