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Commercial Insurance for Business Owners*

If you’re self-employed or own a small business and looking for a suitable and affordable commercial insurance quote and policy you may have come to the SMART place.

Wherever you are in Australia , our team of friendly commercial insurance consultants may be able to assist you by providing you with multiple quotes on suitable commercial policies to cover the business risks you face.

Many Business Owners are UNSURE if they are COVERED PROPERLY.
We help them find affordable and SUITABLE INSURANCE so they can run their business with CONFIDENCE.*

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What is commercial insurance?*

Commercial insurance typically refers to policies that aim to cover the commercial activities of a business. Commercial insurance is often referred to as business insurance.

There are a number of common commercial insurances.

Depending on the nature or size of your business, your budget and risk profile one or multiple commercial insurance policies may be required. A friendly SMART commercial insurance consultant may be able to assist.

Types of commercial insurance policies for small business owners to consider*

  • Public Liability Insurance– may protect you against claims from harm to other people or their property caused from your work activities ; work at site including unauthorized access, attractive nuisance, liability for sub-contractors, vicarious liability for sub-contractors.
  • Product Liability– may protect you when products you have supplied, repaired or manufactured cause harm, injure someone or cause property damage.
  • Commercial Property– damage to commercial premises ; glass cover is an option
  • Professional Indemnity– generally for businesses providing advice for a fee
  • General Property Insurance– may cover damage or loss to tradie’s business equipment such as tools, mobiles , computers , power equipment , or stock such as timber or frames.
  • Business Insurance Pack– you may be able to combine public liability and other covers in a specially designed policy for a small t business. Ask your SMART broker for details.
  • Marine Cargo– cover if you receive or send goods such as building materials via post or freight.
  • Commercial Motor– may cover any vehicle – car, van , light truck – that you own and use mainly for your business.
  • Cyber Insurance– can help cover financial losses following a cyber security breach.

Trying to work out what commercial insurance policies your business needs?

We may be able to assist you determine what covers you need for your business risks.

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Why does a small business need commercial insurance?*

Small business owners need commercial insurance for a number of reasons including:

  • protection of the value of commercial assets such as commercial property , commercial vehicles , machinery , tools and profit.
  • cover to protect yourself and your business against claims due to negligence.

Since, sole traders ,self employed sub-contractors and small business owners are responsible for their commercial actions they are liable for any financial claim arising out of damage caused to property or injury to person.

It is therefore considered vital for small business owners to take out suitable commercial insurance cover.

Further, some small business owners like electricians in Tasmania and Queensland and plumbers in Victoria cannot apply for or renew their contractor’s license without the relevant commercial insurance.

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What is commercial insurance in Australia?

Commercial insurance in Australia is a series of policies that protect businesses, their property, and their legal liabilities. This kind of insurance may shield businesses from a number of risks that can have an impact on their operational activities, financial stability as well as assets.

Commercial insurance can further be divided into different categories like property insurancewhich deals with the damage to buildings and contents; liability insurancewhich covers legal liabilities to third parties; business interruption insurancewhich pays you for the loss of income due to the unforeseen events; and professional indemnity insurancewhich safeguards you from the claims of professional negligence or breach of duty. Depending on the type of business activities or additional coverage, worker’s compensation and cyber insurance can also prove to be valuable commercial insurance policies in Australia.

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