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Business Insurance for Window Cleaners*

Cleaning windows in domestic homes, retail shopscommercial buildings ,single level and multi level buildings, and offices has several risks.

As a window cleaner working in domestic homes you may clean internal and external windows, flyscreens, wipe window sills, remove cobwebs around windows.

If your window cleaning activities include commercial buildings your cleaning may involve high access window cleaning incorporating abseil/rope access, elevated work platform using machines such as cherry pickers and scissor lifts, purified water fed pole window cleaning, pressure washing, high and difficult to access glass, anchor point fitting and many other situations.

For both domestic and commercial window cleaners cover may be available without height restrictions. Please ask a broker for more information.

While you take all necessary precautions the activities of window cleaning means that a number of things can go wrong where your clients or 3rd parties could seek damages from you. Items could be damaged or broken at any stage in the window cleaning process starting from when you bring your equipment onto the clients property, (or the exterior of the clients premises), in the set up your equipment , when you are cleaning the windows, right through to when you are packing up and leaving the site with your equipment. While you can damage the windows you are cleaning the damage could extend from damage to the actual windows , to your clients person or property, or to third party person\ or property such as a by stander or neighbour’s property.

While different window cleaning tasks pose different level of risk when you clean windows for a living you are exposed to risks. You, your clients or members of the public can be hurt. This in addition to damaging goods or property.

Many Business Owners are UNSURE if they are COVERED PROPERLY.
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Situations that may be covered with Window Cleaner insurance*

There are a number of risks for sole traders, contractors & small businesses operating as window cleaners . Most of these risks are associated with the movement of window cleaning equipment inside and outside the clients premises, the set-up of the equipment , window cleaning, what is happening in and around the premises at the time of window cleaning, removing your window cleaning equipment, and damage or injury to yourself or a third person.

Sole traders, contractors and businesses operating as window cleaners face the risk that their activities may cause damage to property and public, plus damage to surrounding property. Goods in transit, slips, trips and falls, are also risks for window cleaners.

  • Domestic homes : single and multi storey
  • Retail shops
  • Commercial buildings
  • Multi level high rise office buildings
  • Interior and exterior window cleaning

Business insurance policies for Window Cleaners*

To protect you against insurable risks SMART may be able to provide you with a competitive quote on suitable business insurance for window cleaners.

Public Liability Insurance:*

Public liability insurance will be needed for:

  • The risks of cleaning equipment being moved or set up causing injury to people or property
  • Unauthorized access, attractive nuisance
  • Liability to sub-contractors, vicarious liability for subcontractors
  • Damage to customer and other third party property
  • Third party injuries
  • Public liability cover may be available without height restrictions. Please ask a broker for more information.

Personal Accident Insurance*

Personal accident for sole traders

  • Using ladders, working on the exterior of homes and offices, standing for long hours, risk of working at heights, stooping and kneeling.
  • Risk of injury from falls and slips.

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Commercial vehicle insurance*

Commercial motor, van insurance, and ute insurance, and truck insurance should also be strongly considered.

Window cleaner business insurance quote*

At SMART we aim to treat each of our clients with a friendly and personal touch. Monthly payments are available.

We talk to sole traders, sub–contractors and small business owners , including window cleaners, all over Australia and provide business insurance quotes for them every working day.

For information or an affordable quote on suitable window cleaner insurance TALK to a SMART Business Insurance Broker on 1300 542 573 or contact us on.

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