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Marine Cargo Insurance and Road/Rail Insurance*

Cargo Insurance, Aviation Insurance, Marine Cargo Insurance and Road/Rail insurance are the types of insurance that fall under the broad term ‘Cargo Insurance’.

What is Marine Cargo Insurance?*

The purpose of Marine Cargo Insurance is to repay you for the full dollar value of your shipment if the goods you are importing or exporting are damaged, lost or stolen in transit by air, sea or land.

Goods are damaged, lost or stolen in transit everyday so it is vital that you are appropriately insured by marine cargo insurance.

While some freight forwarding companies offer insurance, many limit their liability on the weight of the cargo. This ‘contingent’ insurance regularly results in a substantially lower payment than the value of loss. The process of claiming can also be drawn out.


Types of marine cargo & transit insurance policies SMART may be to assist you with*

If you need one of the below types of marine cargo or transit policies our team of SMART business insurance brokers may be able to assist .

Not sure which type of marine cargo or transit policy you need? Please contact us on 1300 542 573 or email us

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  • Single transit insurance (within Australia)
  • Annual goods in transit insurance (within Australia)
  • Worldwide annual goods in transit insurance
  • Carriers Insurance
  • Carriers Cargo Liability Insurance

What type of business may need a marine cargo insurance policy?*

Businesses that manufacture , assemble , import or export goods and products can benefit by reducing risk of loss with marine cargo insurance.

Just some of the types of businesses that our team of SMART business insurance brokers may be able to assist are listed below.

Not sure if your business needs a marine cargo or transit policy? Please contact us on 1300 542 573 or contact us online.

  • Retailers
  • Importers
  • Distributors/wholeslaers
  • Manufacturers and Assemblers
  • Repairers

As business insurance specialists SMART assist small and medium businesses with their marine cargo insurance. Please contact us for a quote for your next shipment or for your annual program.

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Marine cargo insurance quotes*

Save time, money and protect your business with suitable and affordable marine cargo insurance for your business freight activities. For peace of mind get a SMART marine cargo insurance quote by applying online or calling 1300 542 573.

Marine liability insurance*

Also known as Carriers Cargo Liability insurance , Marine Liability insurance is designed to protection small and medium businesses.

An annual policy, generally based on estimated gross freight earnings there typically is no need to declare the number of trips.

For more information or a quote on marine liability insurance call 1300 542 573.