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I'm a plumber, what does Plumber insurance cover me for?

Plumbers insurance may cover you for damage you cause to a third parties person or property.

For example, if in the course of your plumbing works, you damage your clients floors or furniture, destroy part of their home or building, cause some damage to a neighbouring property, or inflict personal harm on your client, visitors, neighbours or passers-by, plumbing insurance may cover you. In the most serious cases, plumbers insurance may cover you where your plumbing business activities result in serious injury or even death of a third person.

Job risks for plumbers

The various risks a plumber is exposed to include:

Public Liability for plumbers: Plumbing involves high on-site risks associated with cutting, welding, and excavation work.

Product Liability: Plumbing contractors are subject to very high-risk complete operations exposure, which includes leaks from faulty pipes or complete failure of the plumbing system to work.

Plumber Professional Indemnity: For plumbers providing advice, even if you do not charge a fee for advice, you may be liable.

At SMART, we may be able to provide insurance solutions for all the above plumbers risks. To find out more call 1300 542 573

How much does plumbers insurance cost?

So, how much will plumbers insurance cost you?

The core cover for self-employed plumbers in Australia is public liability.

Public Liability Insurance cost for some sole trader plumbing contractors, without employees, starts from around $650*

*Please note:

  • While cheap plumbers Public Liability insurance cover can seem attractive on the surface it is important to ensure the policy covers you for the full business activities you undertake and the policy and company will respond as intended when there is a claim.
  • The above price is indicative only and pricing may vary significantly from the above based on your size, clients, experience and specific plumbing business activities.

For plumbers that:

  • undertake broader building work
  • have employees,
  • are looking for costs and quotes on other covers you may need; such as product liability, business insurance pack, general property, commercial motor, or any of those above:

Please TALK to a friendly SMART broker who may be able to assist on 1300 542 573.

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