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Insurance for Teachers & Educators

At Smart Business Insurance, our brokers are here to help small business owners, such as teachers , navigate through the different types of business insurance available and explain how they may protect their business.

The types of business insurance a self-employed teacher may consider cover a range of areas, including: professional indemnity, public liability and personal accident cover.

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Professional Indemnity insurance may cover teachers for costs associated with civil and actions taken against them for professional negligence, errors or omissions in their professional capacity. This is especially important for teachers who offer advice or services for a fee to students.

Public Liability insurance may cover teachers for third party damages, including injury or damage to their pupil’s property. For example, if a student is injured or their glasses are broken due to something happening in your classroom, Public Liability Insurance may help with the costs.

Product liability insurance may provide protection if your business is found liable for damages or injury caused by products you supply. This is important for teachers who provide products, such as art supplies, or provide advice over products, such as instructional applications, videos, or whitepapers.

Personal Accident Cover is a type of business insurance that may offer protection for the teacher’s income. It may cover medical costs, loss of income and other associated expenses if the teacher suffers an accident or injury while teaching.

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