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With business becoming more complicated in nature, there is a greater need for highly specialised risk management. Companies and organisations, no matter how big or small, should regularly review their insurance program.

SMART Business Insurance work with leading insurance providers to deliver our customers appropriate insurance solutions.

SMART Business Insurance regularly utilise the services and products of Vero whose policies give businesses access to a wide range of business insurance solutions.

Many Business Owners are UNSURE if they are COVERED PROPERLY.
We help them find affordable and SUITABLE INSURANCE so they can run their business with CONFIDENCE.*

About Vero Insurance*

Vero is part of Australia’s largest insurer Group, Suncorp Group. The different insurance brands of the group cater to different insurance types. Vero is a specialist in Business insurance, utilising insurance brokers.

Vero’s innovative business insurance solutions are preferred by over 35% of Australia’s top 500 companies. They also insure tens of thousands of small and medium businesses across Australia as well.

The company has won several awards for its excellent claims services and also enjoys A+ status with the Standards & Poor Rating services. Vero has the reputation of being one of the most trustworthy insurance providers in Australia.

Vero small business insurance*

With Vero small to medium business insurance, brokers and clients have access to 24×7 claims services.

Vero provides specialised solutions to a wide range of small and medium businesses including motor trade, retail business, professional services and more.

Vero typically deliver reliable and professional services across large, small and medium businesses.

Vero Insurance Brokers*

As a result Smart Business Insurance consistently considers Vero business insurance solutions and recommends them when appropriate.

Our helpful insurance brokers can assist with the following: Vero insurance online quote, vero steadfast business insurance pds, vero engineering insurance, vero insurance business pack, vero business interruption insurance, vero insurance office pack, vero indemnity insurance, and vero professional indemnity insurance plus any other questions you have in relation to vero business insurance policies.

For specialised information about Vero Business Insurance please TALK to your Smart Business Insurance adviser on 1300 592 573 or contact us online.

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Vero Case studies*

Businesses today are facing increased risks. Sometimes its negligence and lack of awareness, and at other times it is operational activities that result in claims against companies and their management. Vero business insurance policies can provide cover for many of these situations. Here are a few claim examples that Vero has successfully delivered on behalf of their clients:

  • Case Study I – Management Liability

An employee brings an action against the manager and the company alleging bullying in the workplace.

Directors were not aware of the bullying, however, were found liable for not providing a safe workplace.

Employee awarded $50,000 in pain and suffering.

  • Case Study II – Management Liability/ Directors & Officers Insurance

A shop is forced to make redundancies due to downturn in economy.

Whilst HR procedures were supposedly followed, 3 employees felt discriminated against due to age.

Claim successfully made against the company with each person being awarded $20,000, totalling $60,000.

  • Case study III – Workers Compensation

Employee receives electric shock.

Workcover investigate and prosecute the Company and the Directors for failing to have a safe work place and breaching health and safety regulations.

Costs of representation for the investigation and prosecution covered for $230,000.

Why use a Broker for your Vero Insurance? *

  • Save time, money and stress
  • Considered responsive advice and friendly service
  • Help you with YOUR claims
  • Competitive rate on your policy every year
  • Access to customised polices negotiated by Steadfast
  • Get quotes in real time – in a few minutes for many small businesses
  • Here to help you with if you have a claim
  • Obtain policies for you from dozens of insurers – great for harder to place risks
  • On renewal can easily obtain multiple quotes again for you on many small business polices
  • Qualified friendly brokers will speak to you

For more information and general advice about your protecting your business contents, contact a friendly SMART business insurance broker on 1300 542 573 or enquire online.