Commercial Tenant Insurance

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What is commercial tenant liability insurance?*

A commercial lease will typically require the commercial property tenant to obtain liability insurance that protects :

  • the landlords investment in the commercial property
  • the landlord from any liabilities that may arise while the commercial property is tenanted

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What commercial tenant insurance covers?*

Landlords will typically require the commercial tenant to obtain insurance for the property and name the landlord as an interested party on the policy, or the landlord may arrange the commercial property insurance and require the tenant to pay for the policy .

Commercial tenant insurance typically may cover:

  • The building space or commercial property that is rented or tenanted
  • Public liability– may protect the tenant if they cause harm to a third party such as death or personal injury. $10 or $20 million cover is typically required.
  • Glass
  • Racking, fixture and fittings that you may be responsible for per your lease agreement
  • Fire and perils

Both accidental and intended damage may be covered by a suitable commercial tenant insurance policy.

What type of properties and buildings are covered under commercial tenant insurance?*

Commercial tenant insurance may be able to protect a range of different types of tenanted commercial property including:

What are the requirements for Commercial tenant insurance?*

Every commercial tenant insurance policy is different. 

Firstly, if you are a commercial tenant you need to ensure that at the very least your policy covers your for your obligations under your lease.

Secondly, as a commercial tenant and business owner you may want to be comfortable that your policy covers you for things that are important to you in running your business. For example, you may want to consider business interruptionmachinery breakdownstock and contents so that you can stay in business if there.

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