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Landscapers Business Insurance

Landscapers are at risk of causing unintentional damage to property and people. Anyone can accidently fall into the ditch you just dug, or you could break a window while working, etc.

To provide protection against insurable risks, it is recommended that sole traders and businesses working as landscapers get suitable landscaping business insurance.

Risks faced by landscapers

Public liability risks for landscapers include slips and falls, third party property damage, and third party injury.

Sole traders & business owners operating landscaping businesses face many risks, including walls collapsing, machinery breakdown, and goods in transit.

At SMART, we provide multiple quotes quickly from leading insurance companies such Vero, Zurich and AIG for all the above mentioned risks for landscapers. To find out more, call 1300 542 573.

SMART business insurance policies for landscapers

Public Liability: In case of damage to third party property due to landscaping and gardening activities, business interruption, and personal injury to third party members, may be covered under public liability insurance.

Professional indemnity: Professional indemnity cover may be required to compensate for the damage caused by ill-planned landscapes, and problems with contract administration and project management.

Tools Insurance: In order to provide effective cover for tools, machines and equipment used on work site, landscapers can get tools insured or machinery breakdown cover. This insurance assists in covering the costs of repair and replacement of machines and tools.

Workers compensation: If you are a contractor with landscapers and gardeners working for you, worker's compensation insurance helps cover the cost of any injury caused to your employees.

Trailer Insurance, Van Insurance and Ute Insurance should all be strongly considered.

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Business Hours:

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Landscaping and gardening businesses:

There are approximately 13,100 Landscaping and gardening businesses employing 50,000 landscapers in Australia. In addition, there are a number of self-employed landscapers and gardeners.

Key Landscaping and gardening activities include:

Tree and plant planting, garden design, drainage systems installation, sprinkler systems installation, landscape design and planning, lawn construction, water displays, paving, retaining walls, decking, lighting, fencing soil clearance.

Famous gardeners:

Don Burke, Jamie Durie, Abdalonymus

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