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Steadfast Insurance Brokers*

With the aim of providing our clients with specialist insurance services, SMART Business Insurance is an authorised representative of United Insurance Group, part of the Steadfast group of brokers. Steadfast provide significant experience and resources that ultimately benefit business insurance buyers like you.

About Steadfast Insurance Brokers

Among insurance brokerage networks in Australia, Steadfast is often recognised as the most reliable and trusted. It is one of Australia’s largest networks of insurance brokers, comprising over 280 insurance brokerages, with over 430 offices across Australia and New Zealand.

Steadfast’s enormous buying power gives its brokers, and ultimately business customers, an upper hand when it comes to negotiating with insurers.

Many Business Owners are UNSURE if they are COVERED PROPERLY.
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Steadfast business Insurance*

What sets Steadfast apart is the professionalism the group adheres to. Business insurance policy holders have an assurance that their insurance is in safe hands.

The Steadfast group is made up of small, medium and large insurance brokers who place business insurance polices across the spectrum of business segments, including trade and construction; fleet vehicle and transportation; manufacturing and wholesalers; farming and agriculture; health and medical services; professional risks, commercial property; the list is comprehensive.

Steadfast insurance brokers help manage business risks by planning insurance programs to meet the specific needs of their clients. Dealing with insurance claims, delivering efficient premium transactions, and ensuring that changes in business activities are reflected in policies, are some of the services offered by Steadfast insurance brokers.

Steadfast Strengths

  • Steadfast powerhouse: Steadfast works with over 150 insurers and underwriters, ranging from the biggest names in the industry to niche segment specialists.
  • Strong negotiating power: Steadfast insurance brokers and customers have significant negotiating power. Steadfast not only have access to standard products, but also have exclusive specifically worded policies.
  • Powerhouse of knowledge: As part of the Steadfast network, Steadfast insurance brokers have access to ongoing training and educational programs, plus a large number of tools and resources.
  • Steadfast in-house training programs: brokers once part of the Steadfast family, can acquire and update their knowledge skills and expertise via the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programs. Besides this, they can also attend the regular meetings and training sessions.

Why use Steadfast insurance brokers

Steadfast insurance brokers can provide cost effective business insurance and help give you peace of mind.

  • Cost effective: Insurance brokers are professionally trained to choose the right insurance products for their clients. They are adept at choosing plans that will help avoid unnecessary issues with claims in the future.
  • Peace of mind: It can be time consuming and confusing for business clients to check policies and then plan their own insurance package. Without knowing the ins and outs of policy detail is there any guarantee that you are protected? Rid yourself of this burden, and appoint a Steadfast insurance broker instead.

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Steadfast Insurance quotes*

Our helpful insurance brokers can assist you with obtaining quotes and can help answer your coverage questions with many Steadfast insurance policies including the following:

  • Steadfast business insurance package
  • Steadfast home insurance
  • Steadfast office insurance
  • Steadfast commercial property insurance
  • Steadfast trade insurance
  • Steadfast construction insurance

For more information or a Steadfast insurance quote TALK to a friendly SMART insurance broker on 1300 542 573 or contact us online.