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Liability and business insurance for commercial kitchens*

If you own, rent or share a commercial-grade kitchen you may have come to the SMART place for affordable and suitable business insurance cover.

Wherever in Australia the commercial kitchen you own or operate is located you face risks from fire, equipment damage and break-down and from the food you prepare.

While everyone that is fed from your commercial kitchen may be a potential repeat customer, on the flip side, they are a potential insurance risk.

Similarly every time an Uber driver or delivery person enters your premises you are exposed if they slip or trip.

Many Business Owners are UNSURE if they are COVERED PROPERLY.
We help them find affordable and SUITABLE INSURANCE so they can run their business with CONFIDENCE.*

Commercial kitchen insurance – what can it cover?*

Commercial kitchen operators may be able to cover all or some of the risks below. For more information on what it can cover , requirements and costs please TALK to one of our helpful business insurance brokers on 1300 542 573.

  • Public Liability – eg: water, oil or grease is spilt resulting in injuries from slips and falls
  • Product Liability – eg:  eg: unwanted objects in food, food poisoning.
  • Fire and Perils – eg: eg: fire arising from cooking, electrical malfunctions, unguarded flames and grease fires.
  • Crime – eg: cash and food in stock
  • Business Interruption – eg: profit associated with location in the event you are forced to close your commercial kitchen  for an extended period.
  • Equipment Breakdown – eg: refrigerator breaking down resulting in loss of stock.
  • Commercial property insurance – cover damages to the commercial kitchen premises with protection for your  kitchen  property, stock , fixtures and more
  • Business insurance pack –combine many of the above covers in the one commercial kitchen insurance policy
  • Cyber insurance  eg .Hacking of payment facilities or online store

Commercial kitchen insurance – who can it cover?*

  • Owners of a commercial kitchen who

– use the commercial kitchen space for their own food business

– hire out their commercial kitchen to sole traders and small food business owners

  • Tenants sharing a commercial kitchen space who want to protect themselves against damages they cause

How much does Commercial Kitchen Insurance Cost?*

Our helpful business insurance brokers can help you find suitable cost effective insurance for your commercial kitchen use.

Depending on a number of factors such as where your business premises are located, the value of the commercial kitchen insured, the level of security, the size of your kitchen space, whether there are deep fryers, use of sprinklers, the hours of operation, the experience of the users of the kitchen space , number and level of covers taken and your claims history, certain insurance companies may offer better terms.

TALK to a SMART Insurance broker on 1300 542 573 for commercial kitchen insurance costs and quotes or contact us online.

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Commercial kitchen business insurance quotes*

Our helpful small business insurance brokers can help you find suitable cost effective insurance for your commercial kitchen operations.

Where possible our friendly insurance brokers will obtain multiple quotes on suitable insurance policies for your commercial kitchen from leading insurance companies such as Vero, QBE, Zurich and AIG or obtain a competitive quote from a specialist underwriter.

For more information on commercial kitchen business insurance requirements, including what business interruption insurance can cover, TALK to a SMART Insurance broker on 1300 542 573 for SMART insurance cover for your commercial kitchen.

Get SMART commercial kitchen insurance*

  • We may act for you – the commercial kitchen owner or tenant  – not the insurance company
  • We may obtain multiple quotes for you on suitable policies from leading insurance companies and underwriters
  • You receive responsive friendly service.
  • You’ll receive a competitive rate on a suitable policy year after year
  • You’ll have us in your court if you need to claim
  • Monthly payment options
  • We’ll do the leg work for you!

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What is the correct “Situation Address” to list on my business policy.?*

The Situation Address must be the address of either the physical risk being covered (like a property) or, in the case of Liability policies, the physical address for the normal place (or places) of business.

If you have multiple business locations, e.g., a number of branches, shops, factories or depots, then ALL location addresses must be shown on the schedule and advised to the insurers. And the multiple location addresses then needs to be kept up to date with the insurers at all times, in the event of any changes.

Insurers will not accept a Post Office box as a “normal place of business”, because you cannot do business from a PO Box.

A PO Box is fine for a mailing address, but cannot be used as the address of the “Situation” on any policy.

For example, Public Liability policies usually operate “at and from” an address, which should be the normal place of business for a business policy.

If the business was run from home, for example, then the home address would be shown as the normal place of business. The “at and from” nature of the cover would then cover any transitory business conducted away from the home address (or away from a real business address, as the case may be).

If the business was run from home but was selling through stands or kiosks at markets or shopping centres then that would have to be disclosed to the insurer, as it affects the risk.