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Professional indemnity insurance for surveyors

As a surveyor, whether you carry out inspections of established buildings, certify plans or structures, provide regulatory advice on construction matters or issue building permits to commence building you are providing advice or a professional service, so you are at risk of a dissatisfied client lodging a claim against you. This means you need professional indemnity insurance.

Every year many surveyors are accused of not delivering their service adequately. While these accusations may or may not be accurate they need to be defended. Defending against these accusations can be expensive.

Suitable professional indemnity insurance for surveyors can provide cover against such claims, including the cost of defending the action.

As it is often impractical for surveying firms to have 100% control of the actions of all their staff at all times, professional indemnity insurance protection can help surveying businesses function day in day out with increased confidence by providing cover for staff.

Many Business Owners are UNSURE if they are COVERED PROPERLY.
We help them find affordable and SUITABLE INSURANCE so they can run their business with CONFIDENCE.*

Surveyor services that require professional indemnity*

Surveyor services that require professional indemnity include assessing buildings, compliance with safety standards, project management , inspections, resolving disputes, expert witnesses, code development, fire safety, access for the disabled and sustainability.

Surveyors will work on structures ranging from houses, apartments and shops, to shopping centres, factories, and large public structures such as hospitals and train stations.

Our business insurance brokers can help you find a suitable professional indemnity insurance policy for your surveying activities. Depending on the size and specialisation of your surveying service different insurance companies and underwriters may offer the most suitable and affordable terms. Our brokers can assist you in finding the insurers and underwriters that provide suitable cover and competitive prices for your surveying business’s activities.

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