Commercial Landlord Insurance

Commercial Property & Building Landlord Insurance*

The purpose of commercial landlord insurance is to help the owner of a commercial property, that is rented or leased out to another business, protect their investment property.

Commercial landlord insurance may be able to protect a range of different types of tenanted commercial property including:

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What is commercial landlord insurance in Australia? *

Commercial landlord insurance in Australia may protect landlords who own commercial properties such as industrial factories, office spaces, retail premises and warehouses. Liability for injuries or accidents that happen on the property, loss of rental income due to untenable conditions, property damage, and sometimes even legal expenses may be covered by commercial landlord property insurance. Policies are diverse, and they may offer various degrees of protection. The policies may be tailored to reflect the specific occupations of the tenants and the business activities that are carried out on the premises.

What does commercial landlord insurance cover? *

Commercial Landlord insurance may cover a commercial property owner who is renting out their property to tenants. It may protect the commercial property owner/landlord against the financial burden from damage to their commercial property, claims for third party liability, and the loss of the rental payments due to an insurable event.

Commercial landlord insurance may cover:

  • The building space or commercial property you own and rent out
  • Public liability– harm to a third party and /or legal fees to form a defence
  • Loss of rent as a result of damage to your property
  • Theft & Burglary
  • Machinery Breakdown
  • Both accidental and intended damage may be covered by a suitable commercial landlord insurance policy.

Depending on the policy wording the coverage may also extend to damage from vandalism, and tenant damage. Moreover, it may also cover expenses for legal fees.

Commercial landlord insurance may also have special clauses that are related to the business activities of the tenants and the additional public liability coverage, that may ensure the landlord is protected against a wide range of potential risks.

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What are the policy requirements to insure commercial building and property for landlords? *

Is your current commercial landlord insurance policy insurance for your needs?

Here are few simple, yet important considerations and policy requirements to check if your commercial landlord insurance policy is suitable for your needs.

  • Check for exclusions: Are there any exclusions in your policy that will result in a potential claim being denied? Check your policy and/or contact you SMART business insurance broker.
  • Are your sums insured enough? The cost of construction and fit outs has increased significantly in recent years. Are your sums insured enough in today’s market?
  • Are your policy details correct? Sounds simple. Sometimes too simple. You may be surprised how many polices are not updated to reflect current details such as rental income or value of fitouts.

SMART business insurance broker commercial landlord tip*

Every commercial landlord insurance policy is different. For example, not all polices automatically include some of the above covers. So, if you are a commercial property owner, you rent your commercial space and you want to cover for the loss of rent and machinery breakdown please check carefully that any covers you need are included. Also check if the limits of cover , excesses and exclusions are suitable for your needs.

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