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What is Furniture Removalists Insurance?

Furniture removalists who help families and businesses relocate face many risks. First, you handle the possessions of families, many of them cherished memorabilia. You have access to your clients’ homes and businesses, often at a difficult time in their lives. The stresses of moving can cause normally pleasant customers to become confused, even irate. Here are just a few of the tasks your employees must perform.

  • Protect goods using hessian pads to prevent damage
  • Crate valuable artwork or artifacts such as ornaments, antiques, or statues
  • Protect expensive computerized and electronic equipment
  • Pack, unpack and load boxes
  • Store items for the longer term that may be subject to theft
  • Properly load vans so that items do not shift and become damaged during transit
  • Practice defensive driving to avoid accidents or upsets

Working as a removalist is no easy task. Adequate insurance protection can help you focus on your business, not fret about your risks.

What Risks Do Furniture Removalists Encounter?

You face many challenges as a furniture removalist. You may be a sole traders, a contractor , or a small business owner who operates as a furniture removalist. Here are some of the risks you frequently encounter.

  • Property damage to items you pack, move, store, or transport
  • Injuries to your employees as they lift or if they are involved in a motor vehicle incident
  • Injuries to your clients, who may trip over your handcart or slip on a box left in their paths
  • The alleged theft of valuable items
  • Vehicle accidents that can injure your employees or others or damage property

Let’s face it, removalists simply cannot go without some insurance cover. However, finding proper insurance for removalists may be easier than you are used to. Removals company insurance is relatively straightforward when you work with a licensed insurance broker who has experience helping in removalist insurance.

What Policies Cover Furniture Removalists?

Here are a few of the coverages you may need.

You can obtain a business insurance pack quote and compare coverage and pricing from several major insurance companies. Here are some of the coverages you may need for your removalist business.

  • Transit insurance – may cover you against damage you cause in the process of moving clients goods
  • Business interruption – Reduces your lost income if you are unable to service your clientele after a covered loss
  • Commercial motor – Can protect you against liability for auto-related accidents and may provide cover for customers’ vehicles in your care, for example, antique autos you transport
  • General property – Can protect you against damage to your office, warehouse, or other business property
  • Public liability – Can protect you if one of your customers becomes injured because of your removalist operations

We aim to treat each of our clients with a friendly and personal touch. Worried that you cannot afford to pay for the whole year upfront? We may be able to offer a monthly payment plan to suit your budget.

We are always happy to talk to sole traders, subcontractors and small business owners, including furniture removalists, all over Australia. We provide no-obligation business insurance quotes for removalists wherever you operate in Australia.

For information or an affordable quote on suitable furniture removalist insurance TALK to a SMART Business Insurance broker on 1300 542 573 or contact us online.

Important: Cover may be available subject only to meeting the insurer’s underwriting criteria. Some of the covers listed may or may not be available or may have limitations or exclusions. Cover inclusions vary significantly from insurer to insurer. DO NOT rely upon the above. Check your policy schedule carefully for inclusions and exclusions and limitations. Talk to a SMART Business Insurance broker on 1300 542 573 for more information.

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