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Business Insurance for Clothing Retailers & Shops*

Many of the team at SMART love to shop – in fact some of our brokers are experts at it!

Whether it’s on a high street or in a shopping centre they find it very hard to walk past a clothing or shoe shop.

Our team of brokers love to buy clothes and they love to source insurance for clothing retailers and shops.

The clothing business can be fickle and it can be risky. Insurance can’t help with some of the risks (eg: not enough customers) but can protect you with others. Below are some of the insurable risks.

Many Business Owners are UNSURE if they are COVERED PROPERLY.
We help them find affordable and SUITABLE INSURANCE so they can run their business with CONFIDENCE.*

Suitable business insurance for clothing shops*

Our business insurance brokers can help you find suitable cost effective insurance for your clothing shop. Depending on the location, size and fit out of your clothing shop our brokers often know which insurers and underwriters may be likely to provide suitable cover and competitive prices.

Our brokers will obtain multiple quotes on suitable insurance policies for your from leading insurance companies such as VeroLumleyZurich and AIG.

Clothing shop retailer insurance*

Types of clothing shops we may be able to cover include*

  • Men’s and women fashion
  • Sports stores
  • Shoe store
  • Jean shop
  • Swimwear boutique
  • Surf shop
  • Skater shop
  • Opportunity shop
  • Teenage fashion
  • Kids fashion
  • Clothing/ homes ware shop
  • Formal wear shop
  • Clothing hire shop
  • Budget clothing stores
  • Discount store
  • Cycling clothing/bike retailer
  • Maternity store
  • Sleepwear store
  • Business clothing retailer
  • Ties, belts & accessories shop

TALK to a SMART Insurance broker on 1300 542 573 or contact us online for SMART insurance cover for your clothing shop.

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