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Public Liability Insurance is sometimes called third party insurance or third party public liability insurance as it is designed to cover businesses against third party claims.

Typically, third party liability or public liability insurance may provide protection against:

  • Negligence that caused a third party person/s to incur an injury or illness
  • Damage to a third party property

Do you need third party insurance?

As third party public liability insurance can include damage to a person or property businesses should consider this insurance if:

  • The business receives visitors at their premises
  • Staff from the business visits other premises

Third party public liability insurance is an important cover for almost all business.

It can be a mandatory requirement for some contracts, especially when dealing with government authorities and corporates.

Third party insurance for tradesmen and financial institutions

From shop owners, tradesmen, contractors, manufacturers, distributers and financial institutions third party insurance should be strongly considered.

Third Party Insurance Specialists

As a business insurance specialist we can help you source competitive third party insurance for your needs. We can source multiple quotes and will act in your best interests.

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