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Business Insurance for Mobile Dog Washers*

If you own a dog grooming and wash business, having suitable business insurance may provide peace of mind and financial protection against unexpected costs. Here, we’ll discuss why a dog wash or mobile dog wash business needs business insurance and what types of business insurance should be considered.

Business insurance is important for any business, including mobile and static dog wash businesses.

Many Business Owners are UNSURE if they are COVERED PROPERLY.
We help them find affordable and SUITABLE INSURANCE so they can run their business with CONFIDENCE.*

Commercial insurance may protect you against a range of risks, such as:

  • Loss of business income due to an unexpected event like fire,or theft
  • Liability claims related to third party property damage, or personal injury
  • Legal expenses related to employment disputes or legal action
  • *Injury to dogs in your care *Many insurers consider injury to dogs in your care as third-party property damage, however, please check your specific policy conditions and exclusions. A SMART Business insurance broker may be able to assist.

For a mobile dog wash business, you may want to consider the following types of business insurance:

  • Public & Products Liability Insurance – this protects you against third-party claims of property damage or bodily injury that are related to your business. For example, if a client slips when in your premise or if you’re held responsible for injury to a clients dog.
  • Business Interruption Insurance – this provides financial protection if your business has to shut for a period of time and suffers a loss of income due to an unexpected event such as a fire, theft or burst pipes.
  • Equipment Insurance: Chances are you use expensive equipment to complete your dog grooming business activities. Equipment insurance can help you replace stolen or damaged equipment.
  • Commercial Vehicle Insurance: Mobile dog wash businesses depend on having a reliable vehicle to service their clients. Commercial vehicle insurance can protect your mobile dog wash if you have an accident on the road, while picking up pets for grooming or delivering them back to their owners.
  • Personal Accident Insurance: If you are unable to work due to a injury or illness, personal accident insurance may offer protection for your income. It replaces income for a period of time and may also cover some medical costs or other associated expense.
  • Business Property Insurance: Protects against accidental loss or damage to your business owned contents. This could include physical damage to property such as grooming tables, drying cabinets scissors, as well as office equipment, furniture and the products you sell to clients.
  • Cyber Liability Insurance: May protect your dog washing and grooming business from potential financial losses or any reputational damage that may arise from a cyber-attack or breach of data security. This type of insurance may also provide reimbursement of any money spent on responding to an attack and the costs incurred with repairing any damage caused, including notifying customers of the data breach.

At ‘Smart Business Insurance’, we understand that running a successful dog wash and grooming business requires suitable insurance coverage. We’re here to answer your questions and help you cover your business properly, at an affordable price. Get in touch with one of our brokers to discuss covering your dog wash business properly.

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