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Tradies Insurance for Construction Workers & Labourers

Risks for construction workers and labourers are high. Potential hazards include injury due to falls, trench or scaffold collapse, repetitive motion injuries, damage to property and injuries arising out of failure to use personal protective equipment during work.

Business Insurance Policies for Construction Workers

The different types of insurance covers needed by construction workers & labourers are:

Public Liability insurance: Public liability insurance may cover damage to third party property, injuries caused to the public because of the activities of construction workers, the cost of unauthorized access, attractive nuisance, and liability for sub-contractors.

Product Liability insurance: Public liability insurance may compensate any loss arising from use of lower-quality products or materials, not following specifications or building codes and defective work.

Theft Insurance: Claims may arise due to theft of materials, tools and equipments.

Commercial Motor Insurance: Businesses dependent upon outfitted trucks and vehicles may need to cover the cost of theft or accidental damage to the vehicle as well as the tools and equipment stored in them

Machinery Breakdown Insurance: This cover may be required for compensating the cost of repair and replacements of tools or equipments positioned on site or taken to site.

Worker's Compensation: There are significant hazards associated with construction work. Workers may receive injuries on site; work may prove highly strenuous and include lifting heavy objects, long hours of kneeling and stooping. Injuries sustained from such work can easily be compensated with the aid of worker's compensation insurance.

Construction workers should also consider trailer insurance, ute insurance, van insurance and tools insurance.

Contract Works Insurance may cover risks faced by medium & large construction companies such as risk of fire, site security, damage to goods in transit to/from site, and use of mobile equipment, crane, hoist etc.

For more information on contract works insurance, please click here.

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