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Rail Workers Insurance

Are you a contractor or sub-contractor and your work involves on the railroad?

Whether you are a shunter, signaller, track maintainer, track worker, cable jointer or engineer if you are a self employed contractor working in the railroad industry and your work involves any of the following activities you've come to the SMART place for suitable business insurance.

  • Boilerman
  • Brakeman
  • Bridge Inspector
  • Conductor
  • Dispatcher
  • Train Dispatching
  • Gandy Dancer
  • Length Runner
  • Locomotive Engineer
  • Platelayer
  • Railway Lubricator
  • Road Foreman of Engines
  • Section Gang
  • Secondman
  • Signal Maintainer
  • Station Agent
  • Station Master
  • Ticket Controller
  • Track Inspector
  • Train Dispatcher
  • Rail Welders and Offsiders
  • Safeworking Personnel and Track Protection Officers
  • Terminal Operators and Shunters
  • Track Maintainers
  • Track Plant Operators
  • Track Workers
  •  Labourer,
  • Bridges and Structures Worker,
  • Right of Ways,
  • Track Inspector,
  • Patroller,
  • Way Maintainer
  • Gang supervisor
  • Air conditioning and refrigeration mechanic
  • Cable jointer
  • Electrical linesworker
  • Fitter and turner
  • Mechanical trades
  • Metal fabrication
  • Telecommunications
  • Vehicle trimmer
  • Shunter
  • Signaller
  • Train driver

If you are a rail road contractor and you can't find your occupation listed above please call
1300 542 573 or email as we may still be able to find suitable and affordable business insurance for you.

What insurance cover does a railway worker contractor need?

There are a number of suitable business insurances we may be able to find an affordable quote for you on.

The first two business insurances: public liability and tools may be able to bundled into a "business pack" for affordability and ease of managing..

Railroad Workers Insurance Quote

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We talk to contractors, including rail workers, all over Australia and provide business insurance quotes for them every working day.

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