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Caterer insurance

Who is the best caterer in town ? Who is the most suitable caterer for a 40th birthday party? Who catered Lizzie's engagement- they were so professional ? Who will provide great service as well as light yummy finger food? Who does the best lamb spit?

These are questions asked by retail and business customers looking to engage the most suitable caterer for their function.

When caterers find the right market niche and start generating positive word of mouth business usually thrives.

While we can't help you find profitable customers, reliable friendly staff, prepare or serve food and drinks, or clean up we CAN help you make a smart choice regarding finding suitable business insurance for your catering business.

Just like your business specialises in catering we specialise in helping businesses such as caterers by sourcing multiple competitive quotes for you that cover your catering business risks.

So, what are the insurable risks for caterers ?

Insurance for caterers

  • Public Liability – eg:accidents caused by your catering team to clients property or guests
  • Product Liability – eg: food poisoning.
  • Fire & Perils – eg: if you prepare food offsite your preparation facility may present fire and other risks.
  • Crime – eg: cash, money and alcohol
  • Commercial Property – eg: damage to your commercial building if applicable
  • Commercial fleet – insurance cover for vehicles used in transportation of food and/or equipment.
  • Business Interruption – eg: profit associated with business in the event you are forced to close for an extended period.

Different types of caterers that require insurance

  • Special events caterers- specialise in weddings, large events and parties etc.
  • Mobile Caterers- mobile van or truck supplying take-away.
  • Outside caterers –often mobile , fairs and carnivals.
  • Industrial- Catering for schools, hospitals etc.
  • Business- Catering for business. Often combined with a retail facility.

Suitable business insurance for caterers

Catering a function can be fun experience for customers who delight on putting on a show. For others, using a caterer is only an option on very special occasions such as major birthdays, weddings , engagements etc. While for staff organising an event for their business organising the catering is part of their job. One thing all types of catering customers have in common is that they want their function to go smoothly so they need a caterer they can rely on.

Similarly, while some caterers view their business insurance as a key part of their asset protection strategy other caterers see insurance as a "necessary evil" - but they know it can be invaluable when they need to claim.

Whether your enthusiastic or otherwise about insurance cover for your catering business, our business insurance brokers can help you find suitable cost effective insurance.

Depending on the size and nature of your catering business certain insurance companies may offer better terms. For most small caterers our brokers will obtain multiple quotes on suitable insurance policies for your from leading insurance companies such as Vero, Lumley, Zurich and AIG. For larger caterers that combine their catering activities with either a retail hospitality business and/or commercial catering kitchen we can obtain suitable terms from specialist underwriters.

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