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At the head of Smart Business Insurance is director Mark Vanzo, whose visionary leadership and profound industry expertise have propelled our company to new heights since its inception in 2013. With a passion for protecting businesses and their assets, Mark has not only laid the foundation for our success but has also become a respected voice in the insurance community, having been featured in numerous business and insurance publications. His commitment to delivering exceptional service and innovative insurance solutions is what truly sets Smart Business Insurance apart from the rest.

You can read more about Mark in the following publications:–instead-of-falling-into–insurance-253666.aspx

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I founded Smart Business Insurance in 2013 .

We placed our first policy for a small business owner in April 2013.

I thought there were gaps in the market, opportunities to do things better, and scope to serve the customer better.

Having been a small business owner myself, and having many friends who were small business owners, I knew there was a chance to do things differently given the technology available- especially for small to medium sized businesses that had questions regarding the suitability of their cover.

Our vision is to be the “go to” Insurance broker for small business owners seeking guidance, advice and suitable cover remotely.  By remotely we mean by phone , email or chat.

Our goal is to have 2000 google reviews with a rating of 4.9 stars or more by 2030.

The goal will mean will are serving our small business clients exceptionally , and that the number of small business clients we service will be growing.

Put simply, many business owners are unsure if they are covered properly.

We help them find affordable and suitable insurance so they can run their business with confidence.

The feedback we get from our  small business clients tells us that the 7 business activities below differentiates us from other insurance providers to small business:

  • No long waits on Hold
  • Fast – No stress
  • Delightful advice
  • Helpful explanations
  • Answers to questions
  • Suitable & affordable
  • On your side

Individually they are not unique.  Together , when we successfully deliver the activities  in unison , we offer our small business owners a useful  service, that both larger and smaller insurance providers to business find difficult to replicate for differing reasons.

We’ve built a capable team, with strong values that we live by, that enable us to consistently serve our small business clients delightfully.

What “ on your side “ means ,  is that you are a small business owner, we are YOUR representative and our first responsibility is to YOU.

This is unlike an insurance agent who represents the insurance company.

In the event of a claim, we fight for the small business owner ,which may mean a faster and more successful claim for them.

While have no power to authorise claims, our experience and assistance has helped hundreds of small business owners achieve favourable outcomes.

We have 7 Values that are focused on favourable outcomes for our clients, team members and community.
Smart Business Insurance Values are:

  • Suitable cover for clients business risks and assets. No surprises @ claim time.
  • On our clients side.
  • Manage expectations- respond to client calls and emails promptly and DELIGHTFULLY, keep clients regularly informed along the way*
  • Fast. Fast turnaround on enquiries*
  • Persistent. Optimise engagement and influence*
  • Respect, like and support our colleagues.
  • A positive force in our community

* Claims, existing clients , new enquires

Our Values are so important to the team at Smart Business Insurance as they drive our behaviour .
Team members don’t need to ask for approval for their intended , they ask themselves , “will my action be aligned with our value? “ – which are focussed on favourable outcomes for our clients , team members and community.
We while we are not perfect , and are always striving to improve , the day to day feedback we get from small business owners and over 500 five star and average of 4.9, tells us the team at Smart Business Insurance is consistently performing a service that is valued by our clients.

Smart Business Insurance clients come in many shapes and sizes.

Many of our business insurance clients have the following needs when it comes to their business insurance:

  • Small business owners with a little bit of complexity who want to tick all the boxes – not just tick a box with insurance.
  • Business owners that have had “tick a box” cover elsewhere and are now looking for suitable cover.
  • Business owners that have had cover elsewhere and are unhappy with the service from their current broker/insurer.
  • Owners of growing and changing businesses.
  • Business owners who; want to transact via remote service, value advice, want suitable cover, want peace of mind, need someone to speak to when needed/have questions, need a personal broker service, have a business with complexity.

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