Old Age Care Insurance

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Public Liability and Business Insurance for Old Aged Carers

Are you an old aged care worker or provider, providing care either in an aged centre or in home, looking for business or public liability insurance?

If you are, you may have come to the SMART place to get suitable and affordable cover . We help self-employed workers and small businesses, including contractors in community based occupations, such as old aged care workers and providers ,plus old aged care home operators, find appropriate and competitive cover every working day.

While every community based business activity is slightly different, our team of friendly insurance brokers specialise in small business insurance and may be able to help make a complex and risky process easy and affordable for you.

Types of old aged care related businesses we may be able to assist with insurance*

Below are some of the old aged day care related businesses we may be able to assist with business insurance cover including public liability :

  • Old aged care workers
  • Old aged care providers
  • Home based old age care
  • In home old age based care
  • In centre old aged based care
  • Old aged home and centre operators

Talk your SMART business insurance broker on 1300 542 573 for more information about suitable covers for your old aged care business activities.

Types of insurance cover for old aged carers to consider*

  • Public liability insurance – may protect you if someone in your care is harmed or you cause damage to property
  • General property insurance – can cover damage or loss to and business equipment such as computer, games, teaching aids and mobiles.
  • Business insurance pack – you may be able to combine multiple covers in a specially designed policy for small business. Ask your SMART broker for details.
  • Professional indemnity – if you have breached your professional duty of care
  • Commercial motor – if you use vehicles for commercial purposes
  • Personal Accident and Sickness – to protect your personal income if you can’t work for an extended period.

Trying to work out what insurance your old aged care business needs?

We may be able to assist.

Wherever you are in Australia when you contact SMART business insurance, your friendly business insurance broker may be able to help answer your questions and find you suitable and affordable insurance for your old aged care business activities .

How much does old aged carers insurance cost?*

The cost of old aged carers insurance depends on a number of key factors including:

  • The nature and scope of your old aged care services
  • Your turnover ; and whether you are a sole trader or business with employees. Cover for sole traders caring for one or a handful of old aged persons will typically be less than that for old aged care homes with employees and caring for dozens of old aged persons
  • Amount of insurance cover you need. $5million , $10 million and $20 million public liability cover are the typical amounts for old age care insurance.
  • The number of different types of cover you need. For example public liability only will typically be less than public liability and professional indemnity insurance.

Please note: While cheap Old Aged Carers Insurance can seem attractive on the surface it is important to ensure the policy covers you for the business activities you undertake and the insurance policy and company will respond as intended when there is a claim.

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Can I pay for old aged carers insurance monthly?*

Yes. Monthly payments for old aged carers insurance is available to approved clients.

Please contact a friendly SMART business insurance broker on 1300 542 573 for details on paying old carers insurance monthly.

Old Aged Carers Public Liability and Business Insurance broker quotes*

TALK to a SMART Business Insurance broker on 1300 542 573 or email us at enquiry@smartinsure.com.au for suitable and affordable insurance quotes for your old aged carers business activities.