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Why You May Need Professional Indemnity Insurance

No matter how skilled or careful you, as a professional consultant, contractor or business providing advice or a professional service, you are at risk of a dissatisfied client lodging a claim against you.

Claims against professionals help fill our courts.

Professional Indemnity Insurance can provide cover for the cost of defending legal action against you and your business in addition to protection against losses in proceedings against you.

While all Professional Indemnity policies are different Professional Indemnity may also be able to provide protection for the action of your fellow directors, staff and contractors.

As it is often impractical for professional firms to have 100% control of the actions of all their staff at all times, professional indemnity insurance protection can help professional businesses function day in day out with increased confidence.

You may need professional indemnity insurance as professional indemnity claims against individuals and firms can be significant, often in the hundreds or thousands of dollars.

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