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SMART Professional Indemnity Insurance Australia

When it comes to Professional Indemnity insurance cover in Australia SMART Business Insurance provides business owners with online ease and simplicity combined with old fashioned personal service and advice.

Our interactive online service allows you to gain specific insights regarding professional indemnity insurance for your business by a business insurance broker via Live Chat, email and/or phone.

Our insurance brokers are able to make the process easy for you to understand and may offer a pi solution to meet your specific brief.

It's the best of both old and new worlds with SMART Professional Indemnity Insurance.

You benefit from the convenience and cost efficiency of doing business via the internet AND you get qualified friendly personal service and guidance.

Perhaps best of all the team at SMART are here to represent your interests. SMART Business Insurance brokers act for our clients. SMART Business Insurance is not an agent of the insurance companies.

Why does that matter to you – the business owner?

It's in your interest to look for a competitive professional indemnity quote. It is also in your interests to aim to have a policy that will respond to your claim and pay out. It's the combination of optimum cover and value that our business insurance brokers may provide with your professional indemnity quote.

Get Professional Indemnity insurance explained by a SMART broker.

If you are looking for professional indemnity insurance, shopping around or are up for renewal you may want to ask:-

  • Does your Professional Indemnity broker represent you or are they agents for the insurance companies they represent?
  • Who will handle any claims for you?
  • Have you had a SMART discussion regarding the policy wording so you have an assurance that you are covered for the professional risks you believe your business is exposed to?
  • Are you getting access to the leading professional indemnity policies in the market – or are you just getting a single policy by a direct insurer or a selection of a few policies by insurance company agents?
  • Does your Professional Indemnity policy include a cost inclusive or a cost exclusive deductible?  Don't know? It makes all the difference when you come to claim. Cost exclusive deductible means that the insured professional does not pay any excess towards the legal and defence costs but only pays the amount of the excess towards the settlement of the claim.

To discuss your Professional Indemnity exposures and to get a competitive quote on a suitable Professional Indemnity policy call a SMART Business Insurance broker on 1300 542 573 or email

1300 542 573

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