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Professional Indemnity Insurance Companies

It was not so long ago that professional indemnity insurance was a specialist or niche business insurance product.

That has totally changed in the last ten years, as the need for Professional Indemnity cover has increased as Australian society has become more litigious.

Today almost all the major insurance companies offer Professional Indemnity products. In addition to this a host of specialist underwriters offer Professional Indemnity cover, sometimes underwritten by Lloyds of London.

The policy wordings inclusions, exclusions, excesses, sub-limits, deductions of the various insurance companies vary significantly as does their "appetite" for certain risks.

Unless you are in the business of insurance it is very difficult to determine which companies provide suitable professional indemnity insurance for your industry and business activities. To complicate the matter further insurance company "appetites" for particular risks can change from year to year. That is, while an insurer may be keen to insure a particular type of business one year they may be less keen the following year resulting in significant policy increases, or worse still, they may not want to insure a business at all.

That's where business insurance brokers such as SMART Business Insurance can help. To talk to a SMART Business Insurance broker call 1300 542 573.

Please find below some of the insurance companies and underwriters we can access for business owners for the various types of professional indemnity insurance.

Dual Professional Indemnity Insurance

Dual has four offices in Australia and is one of the leading Professional Indemnity insurance underwriters in Australia. Areas of Professional Indemnity expertise include:-

Accountants, designers and engineers, consultants, financial services, real estate and the legal professions.

Dual Australia underwrite for certain Underwriters of Lloyds.

CGU Professional Indemnity Insurance

CGU, one of Australia's largest insurers provides Professional Indemnity cover for thousands of professionals. Specialities include engineering, construction and real estate.

Vero Professional Indemnity Insurance

Vero provides Professional Indemnity insurance for a wide range of professional firms:-

Accountants, aged care, flight attendants, logistics consultants, travel agents and vets are some of Vero's preferred professional indemnity risks.

Solutions Underwriting Professional Indemnity Insurance

Solutions Underwriting offers Professional Indemnity cover for a very wide range of professionals some of which are otherwise hard to place. Security is provided by the Calliden Group.

Brooklyn Underwriting Professional Indemnity Insurance

Brooklyn Underwriting are a leading underwriting firm providing Professional Indemnity solutions for a wide range of professionals.

AIG Professional Indemnity Insurance

One of the world's leading insurers is a Professional Indemnity specialist for medium to large financial services businesses.

Chubb Professional Indemnity Insurance

Chubb offers a broad range of professional indemnity insurance.

SMART have used Chubb for medium and large business pi, combined with Director's & Officers Insurance and Management Liability.

Financial Services and professional services organisations are an area of specialisation for Chubb professional indemnity insurance.

If you are interested in getting access to the leading professional indemnity insurance companies and underwriters in Australia and London in one phone call SMART can help.

To discuss your Professional Indemnity exposures and to get a competitive quote on a suitable Professional Indemnity policy call a SMART Business Insurance broker on 1300 542 573 or email

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