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3 Smart Business ideas for Tradies in Australia

No matter if you are a small, medium or large business we all need to continuously innovate to stay ahead of our competitors. Ideally our innovative ideas translate into greater benefits for the end users of our products and services. The greater the benefits for the end users, the more likely our customers are to keep using our services and refer our business to others.

So, here's 3 smart business ideas for tradesmen in Australia.

Be professional

It sounds obvious, but professionalism is vital to success. Repeat business and referrals from existing customers are necessary to keep the work coming in for almost all tradesman. This is possible when a tradesman is professional in their business approach. Being professional means you work for the benefit of both the customers and yourself. You offer them timely, efficient service, value for money and charge proportionate to your services, nothing more and nothing less. You deliver a consistent quality of work without fail. You keep yourself updated with the latest techniques and methods to provide your customers what they demand. Be professional and you will receive repeat business and referrals.

Use social media for marketing

Social media is being utilised by many small businesses as a cost effective marketing tool. Why not tradesmen? Why should tradies forgo the opportunity to grow their customer base through the internet. Social media networks can be your best friends. They enable your customers' friends to discover you and help you to remain ahead of the competition. There are many aspects of social media worth using – Facebook and Twitter are good platforms for promotion of your products and services.

As a tradesman how can you make Social Media work for you?

A client asks for a special favour or is particularly happy with your work. Ask them to post a review on their wall so that their friends can read about how good a job you did for them. It's like old fashion word of mouth but amplified. Friends believe in referrals.

Buy Insurance cover from an insurance broker

Of course we are going to suggest this right? Yes, we are biased but as tradesmen are exposed to a number of risks, it is important to obtain the right insurance cover for your business. There are plenty of risks as a tradesman, why take a risk with your insurance? Contact a specialist insurance broker that acts for your interests.

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