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Insurance for farmers

Now he is a real FARMER !"

As a farmer you know that while "anyone" can do a bit of farming not "everyone" can make a farm work for them year after year.

At SMART we can't help you with the watering, fertilizing, weeding, milking ,or feeding but we CAN help you with cover for your farm.

The team at SMART have a strong focus on farm insurance throughout Australia.

What are some of the types of insurance cover your farm may need?

Insurable sections for commercial farms may include:

  • Farm Buildings
  • Farm Contents
  • Farm Contents Theft
  • Machinery Breakdown & Refrigerated Stock
  • Fire: Fencing, Farm Machinery & Sundry Items
  • Livestock Fire
  • Dwelling
  • Contents of Dwelling
  • Private, Farm & Business Vehicles including tractors
  • Personal Accident & Sickness

Whether your farm is used for wheat, cattle ,calves ,wines ,wool, cotton, milk, poultry, fruit and nuts, sheep and lambs ,rice, vegetables, barley or canola we may be able to find you a suitable cover.

Farm insurance quotes and rural property insurance is a focus at SMART.

Monthly payment plans can be easily arranged to assist with cash flow.

For a competitive quote and general advice on farm insurance in you can TALK to a SMART Business Insurance broker on 1300 542 573 or email us at

1300 542 573

TALK to a SMART Business Insurance adviser

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