SMART Client Testimonial – Brenda Freeman

Client Testimonial – Brenda Freeman Meet Brenda Freeman from Global Options  Brenda Freeman  is co-founder of telecommunication specialists Global Options. Brenda’s Toowoomba based business, are specialists in the fibre optic and copper networks and have a strong record of delivering extremely high quality telecommunication services on-time. “We have the ability to competently complete both complex … Read more

Are you gambling with your commercial property insurance

Are You Gambling With Your Commercial Property Insurance? Commercial investments can be a risky business at the best of times, especially in a perpetually changing economic climate. Anyone with experience knows that protecting your investments is of paramount importance. If you’re interested in safeguarding against life’s little surprises why not see if the experts at … Read more

6 risks carpenters can protect with business insurance

6 Risks Carpenters can protect with Business Insurance Every working day many carpenters throughout Australia go to work thinking about  the tasks they need to complete that day,rather than worrying too much about the risks they face doing it. However through personal experience, or the experience of friends and stories told over a beer – … Read more

The smart way for small business owners to compare business insurance quotes

The SMART way for small business owners to compare business insurance quotes For many small business owners all business insurance quotes look pretty similar. And it’s often true that on the surface they do appear similar. There is a saying in insurance “that you don’t know how good your policy is until it is time to claim.” In … Read more

Comparing public liability insurance tradesmen

COMPARING PUBLIC LIABILITY INSURANCE FOR TRADESMEN There are a number of aspects for Tradesmen to consider when comparing public liability policies so that their key business risks are suitably covered. Tradesmen, such as: Electricians Plumbers Painters Plasterers Tilers Bricklayers should consider the following three key aspects when comparing public liability policies. Consequential Loss Exclusion Liability Section – Faulty Workmanship … Read more

Shop insurance less risky business

SHOP INSURANCE – FOR A LESS RISKY BUSINESS So you have just bought or opened your dream business and you are now the proud owner of a shop. Or maybe you have had a shop for a while and want to know if you are suitably covered or paying a competitive rate for your level … Read more

Commercial property insurance small medium businesses

Commercial property insurance for small and medium businesses Commercial property insurance : Are you covered? As a small business or commercial property owner you know you need to protect your place of work or investment. This article highlights some of the important cover aspects to consider when insuring your commercial property. What many commercial property … Read more

What Insurance do you need for your small business

What insurance do you need for your small business? The core form of insurance for Australian businesses of all sizes; including small businesses and self-employed sub-contractors ; is public liability insurance. Public Liability Insurance is a key cover for all Australian small businesses If you are an Australian small businesses owner public liability insurance can protect your … Read more

Smart Insurance Tips Food Business Owners

SMART insurance tips for food business owners Managing risk in the food service industry can be just as important for the ongoing success of your small business as serving great coffee or your signature dish. Every time you open your café, restaurant, bar, bakery, take- away shop to customers your small business is exposed to several risks. The and Department of Commerce in Western Australia website provides an … Read more